The Prologue

My name is AngNilla Da Guru of Cinema, I love movies they are a brief escape from the at times mundane world around us. Movies have the ability to inspire you, they can make you laugh, make you cry and even make you scream at a TV screen. Everyone views movies differently, which makes it even more entertaining, because it’s an opinion oriented topic of conversation. The purpose of my blog, will be to keep you informed and up to date on movie news and details. I am a movie news consumer myself, so I feel more less that I know what we would desire from a movie news blog. After close examination and investigation on what I believe works and doesn’t work, I have come up with a blueprint for my blog. I will be posting short and to the point reviews, five fun film facts, fictional interviews with movie characters, news and rumors. In the future, I hope to have podcast and videos as well.

Here is an example of the fictional interviews I will be creating.

My name is Tom Amos and after the events that transpired in San Francisco last week I was able to find an insider to sit down with me and talk about what happened.

Tom Amos: I wish to thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Luis: Yeah, no problem dude, it’s cool. It’s some ultra extra super duper secret stuff I’m about to put you on. You just can’t use my name or anything like that. As a matter of fact, call me Armando. I like that nameArmando. I like the way it sounds, how it rolls off your tongue.

Tom Amos: Okay, that’s fair so Armando, where were you when Darren Cross the “Yellowjacket” had battled this Ant Man everyone is talking about.

Luis: Since me and Ant Man are super tight, since we are like BFFs, brothers from other mothers, I was close by, making sure he was okay. I’m the dude that taught him how to fight after all. I even ending up having to save his life, with these bad boys(raises up his fist).

Tom Amos: You work for Ant Man? Can you tell us more about him?

Luis:   We actually work together as a team. We are sort of like what I like to call, the West Coast Avengers. You know how all the Avengers are on the East coast, well, we are the heroes of the West Coast. That’s why I call us the West Coast Avengers, my cousin Ernesto was like we should call our crew the West Side Avengers. I told him that, that that sounds stupid, plus I told Enresto he doesn’t know nothing about superhero stuff. (The phone starts to ring) Hold on.... Yeah…. Nah dude I am … really (laughing uncontrollably), Where at? (He looks around the room) Nah, no way for reals …where at? No problem, Daddy will be there as soon as he can bro. (Turns back to me) I have to go Tommy, I’m sorry I would love to stick around and talk about more, but my homie the Ant Man is watching us as we speak and he needs me.

Tom Amos: Wait, did you see he is watching us,how? (He points next to me and I see an ant with a camera on its back.) Where can I find you or him?

Luis: We have some very mega important super secret Avenger stuff we are getting into. So I’ll catch you laterpeace (throws up a peace sign).


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