Ant Man Film Review

ant man movie 2015
ant man movie 2015

Rating: 8.6

ant man's improvised Instagram review

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This film took over twenty years to produce, even though it features two of the five founding members of the Avengers, Ant Man and Wasp, Marvel’s Ike and Tina. I must admit it that it was worth the wait, Marvel studios delivers yet again another film, worthy of adding to your movie collection. My friend Kaz wasn’t too sure of the film, little did he know, that he was in for a big surprise. He said after viewing it in a theater near you, that it was better than he had previously anticipated. I myself loved every minute of Ant Man, all the aspects of the film combine amazingly. The interesting plot which the star of the film helped write , and the talented cast generating genuinely great on screen chemistry, were all exceptional. The musical score, the innocuous quips and jokes, the action, the special effects, the alluring visual style, the Easter Egg references, the moments that evoke intense emotions, are all astounding.

Paul Rudd aka Ant Man, gave his best performance yet, he has several layers to his character, which he conveys compellingly. He not only delivers on the funny, he displays his bravery and efficiency while taking on missions and performing heist. He proves how heroic and talented Scott Lang truly is. Michael Douglas, depicted Hank Pym extraordinarily efficient, a hero with shades of mentally unstable mad scientist,. Evangeline Lilly delivered divinely, Michael Peña was remarkably  hilarious, stealing the show scene he’s in, and Corey Stoll was the perfect evil mad scientist protege and goat shrinking villain . The action comedy heist plot, was directed superbly and consisted of several other elements that caught and maintained your attention. The father and daughter dynamic was displayed tremendously by Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas, as well as Paul Rudd and Abby Ryder Fortson. You understand the story, and it doesn’t drive off course. Watching the film you notice that they did their homework on ants and their abilities, and incorporated it in to the plot intelligently. I am a fan of musical scores for films and this score of Ant Man was incredible, it drove the movie along remarkably and intensified the marvelous and visually stunning fight and shrinking sequences. I left the theater entertained and wanting to watch more Ant Man, I recommend you see it .


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