Top Ten Worst Movie Presidents

President season is upon us, I must say, I am horrified but not completely surprised of the two front runners. Our election just may very well come down to, the Former first Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and her opponent the Host of Celebrity Apprentice and Billionaire Racist, Donald Trump. I would vote for Hillary when it comes down to it. I just wouldn’t trust an army and access to nukes, to a duck face making, hot-headed, arrogant businessman who knows diddly about politics and hairstyles. We each are told, we as the people have the power to vote. In honor of that privilege and responsibility, I urge you to analyze before you make a decision; on who you wish to elect as president.  Her are some horrible presidents in film to convey the consequences of poor voting.




President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Herbert Dew Camacho (Terry Crews) in



Chief of Stupid
   Chief of Stupidity

Dwayne is the ‘5-time Ultimate Smackdown Champion’ , an avid womanizer, dancing gun enthusiast and former porn-star (Lexington Steele and Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson rolled into one). Though he seems cool , he is completely leading his country into the ground, a few of the issues range from; out of control mountains of garbage and dying crops due to being watered by electrolyte filled beverages (trust me Gatorade isn’t good for plants). He attempts to redeem himself when he comes up with a 3 point plan, “Number 1: We’ve got this guy Not Sure. Number 2: He’s got a higher IQ than ANY MAN ALIVE. and Number 3: He’s going to fix EVERYTHING.” Classic give up and let somebody else try to fix it, but then take the credit for the idea, until it goes wrong, then blame and punish that somebody else, while criticizing his idea .



President Lindberg (Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. ) in


The Fifth Element

  President Deebo


I don’t know what the heck Lucinda Syson was drinking or thinking when she cast Deebo, as president of the United Federation. She was most likely having a great Friday when she did. Aside from the awkward casting, this ogre provokes an evil apocalyptic entity and foolishly sacrifices a battalion, in a mission he  was warned would fail by a priest. He tries to act and sound intelligent but just can’t hide the fact he is a meat head. At least Terry Crews fit the times when he portrayed the president. This guy seems completely out of place and nearly causes the end of all existence, until the priest who warned him, Korben Dallas, Ruby Rhod,  and Leelo the Fifth Element save the day.



President Will Cooper (Kevin James) in



Commander and Chewie
Commander and Chewie


President Will Cooper, nicknamed Chewie because he wore a Chewbacca mask when he was a nerdy fat kid, has a horrible approval rating, obviously. President Willie Coops, along with his National Security Council, decide that the best way to defend mankind against aliens that threaten to exterminate all humanity, would be for him to team up with his childhood arcade buddies. The planet looses the Taj Mahal due to his lack of balls and inability to act after the first attack on Guam. On top of allowing the destruction of one of the world’s wonders, his friend disrespectfully sits in his oval office chair and also is permitted to roam through the White House; sneaking into the situation room. How can you be the leader of the nation and you aren’t even alpha in your own wolf pack.




President Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Harry Shearer) in


The Simpsons Movie

The Presidenator
  The Presidenator


It’s been joked about in the Expendables and was part of Demolition Man history. In the Simpson’s movie it’s a reality,
Arnold Schwarzenegger is depicted as the highly idiotic, angry and inept President of the United States. He’s dimwitted, easily manipulated and detest his job. He is extremely careless and is tricked into imprisoning Springfield inside of a dome. He later is bamboozled once again, this time into blowing up Springfield, but thankful Homer Simpson saves the day.




President Baxter Harris (Leslie Nielsen) in


Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4

President ?
    President Spoof

President Baxter Harris ineptness defies understanding and he shares several qualities of the Republican party’s front runner Donald Trump. The incompetent Commander-in-Chief is a racist, ignorant, senile nudist – hilarious for a film – but terribly wrong and disturbing for president. After receiving knowledge of the alien invasion, he gets extremely paranoid at a press conference. Then him and Agent Ja Rule, attack a man with an electro-larynx, a girl scout with braces, a woman with a high-pitched scream, a man with a brace around his head, and a woman with a ton of make up. If beating up women, handicapped people and little girls wasn’t enough,it is revealed that he is alien, after he pees out his finger similar to the extraterrestrials.




President Jack Stanton (John Travolta) in


Primary Colors

Head of Statutory
  Head of Statutory


John Travolta received positive review’s for his interpretation of  southern-born President Jack Stanton. However, this Chief Executive Officer of Nymphomaniacs and Bill Clinton knock off, before even becoming president, has affairs with several women and even impregnates the family’s 16-year-old babysitter. He then sends his people to bribe the family into silence, making Henry, his new homie sick enough to actually regurgitate. If allegations of statutory rape wasn’t enough, he also got arrested at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, used unethical tactics in his campaign and causes someone to commit suicide. Still Americans voted for him, because although he had faults deep down he was a good guy.



President Allen Richmond (Gene Hackman) in


    Absolute Power

Commander and Cheat
Commander and Cheat

Gene Hackman is President Allen Richmond, an even more malicious and dangerous character than his portrayal of Lex Luthor. Allen has an ongoing affair with his best friend’s wife totally breaking the bro code, putting hoes way before bros. Creep Eastwood watches in a closet , as the president is moments  away from getting busy with his mistress. Things go from kinky to violent after some not so seductive face slaps, she fights back as he attempts to rape her, she tries to kill him , but the Secret Service shoot her before she can. President Richmond believed himself above the law, and used his position of power to attempt to have the incident covered up.



President James Dale (Jack Nicholson) in


Mars Attacks

President Pacifist
President Pacifist

Jack Nicholson plays President James Dale, a peace mongering, incompetent leader of the free world.  The naivety of this peace lord, causes the massacre of numerous american citizens; at a national welcoming ceremony for the extraterrestrials. Instead of learning from his lesson and retaliating, he continues to have faith in universal unity, thus allowing the slaughter of US Congress members and ultimately his own death.Instead of going Obama on these terrorist from Mars and thwarting off the alien invasion at it’s earlier stages, he came in peace and left America in pieces.



President Coriolanus Snow (Donald Sutherland) in


The Hunger Games Trilogy

Commander and Creep
Commander and Creep

President Coriolanus Snow was an intelligent cold ruthless tyrant, who ruled with an iron fist. Although cunning, he was obsessively neurotic and a perfectionist, he had no limits when it came to maintaining the status quo.  He constantly felt threatened due to his paranoia, and killed anyone who challenged his authority .This old fart is extremely manipulative and holds no compassion for human life, he even used children as  human shields. Not only did he oversee the Hunger Games a brutal competition to the death, he even sold the attractive victors of the hunger games, into prostitution afterwards.



Mr. President  (Josef Sommers) in


X-Men The Last Stand

President No Name
President Joe Shmoe
Brett Ratner committed so many atrocities while directing the third installment of the X-men franchise. One example, he didn’t feel the need to give a name to the president that caused the world to descend into a dystopian future. Not only does this president appear frail and a push over, who does he appoint as Secretary of Defense, a man by the name of Trask. Clearly  a tall dark and handsome descendant, of the mini mad scientist who created the sentinels, Bolivar Trask.  The Last Stand is set in the 2006, during Mr. President’s first term. According to Fox’s marketing campaign, in 2008 the US builds walls around the border of Mexico, which I think had to win him a second term. During his second term, Trask Industries creates mutant inhibitor collars, takes over the X-Mansion and commences mutant concentration camps. Then Trask announces the Mark X Sentinel, which starts the worst war Wolverine has ever seen, and he has been in every war since The Revolutionary War. Apart from killing mutants, the x-gene hunters go Ultron on mankind and kill humans who might produce mutant offspring. All under the presidency of Mr.President.

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