Minions Review in Four Hundred Words or Less


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Rating: 8.2

Written Review

I have loved the Minions ever since Despicable Me. When I heard they where going to produce a film featuring the beloved sidekicks, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Unfortunately, I must reluctantly admit that it wasn’t as great as I believed it was going to be. However it’s still a great installment to Universal Pictures’ animated franchise.. It fits they story line perfectly and fulfills that need for Minions. I enjoy the prologue of the Minions searching for a suitable and despicable evil master, but then finish killing or sabotaging their master’s plans. They served some of the baddest of the bad, a pharaoh, a T-Rex, a cavemen, Dracula, and Napoleon. The plot of having three Minions, with completely different personalities, voyage out on an adventure to restore their purpose in life was satisfying .

There is Kevin, the tall fearless leader of the group, then Stuart the one eyed rebellious banana loving slacker, and finally the cute, oblivious, innocent and loving heterochromiac, Bob. Every iconic character seen at, and on the way to Villan Con, were solidly defined and developed pieces to this pleasant puzzle. Especially, the family that brought the trio to the convention, they were like the evil Incredibles. At the Villain Con they see several villains to choose from as their new master, but instantly follow and take a liking towards Scarlet Overkill, who is a wonderfully wicked witch like terrorist. Her husband Herb brings that dimwitted lovable humor that is always successful in these animated films. Scarlet’s plan being foiled, by Bob becoming king was highly unexpected and hilarious.

I really wish that they would’ve added subtitles to the Minions language, because in some scenes you can’t understand them to full capacity; because they are speaking minion gibberish. In my opinion, you would have definitely felt much more connected and invested in the characters; if you know what they were saying. A lot is lost in translation, like when Bob becomes king, his subjects nor the audience know what he is saying. The king Bob gag would have been better with  subtitles. In the first films of the franchise, it’s okay because they are not the main focus of the story. Despite the few discrepancies, which are completely forgivable, In the end, it’s a good movie and I recommend see it in theaters immediately with your family.


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