Top Ten Martial Arts Kicks In Movies


I have always been a fan of martial arts films and any film that has unique and entertaining fighting sequences. I myself wish to, when I can afford it, begin training in MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu  and Muay Thai. The kicks on my list are my favorites which I believe deserve to be on the Top Ten, if you have any you thought should have been on the list feel free to comment. My next Top Tens will be on inspirational speeches, like the one by William Wallace in Brave Hear,t and Top Ten Pre-Kill Quips, like “I’m gonna make this pencil disappear.” from the Joker in The Dark Knight . I would like to apologize for the quality, I have less than mediocre tools at my disposable, bear with me for I will be acquiring the above adequate tools I need in the very near future. Now sit back and enjoy, The Top Ten Martial Arts Kicks in Movies.


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