Jungle Book Review

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Rating: 9.6

I recall Disney’s animated version of the Jungle Book; it remains one of my all time favorite cartoons . When I first had the pleasure to witness the exceptional trailer to this live action version of the Jungle Book; I was instantly captivated by the stunning visuals, and promised myself I would see it as soon as it was released. I have to declare; that man oh man-cub this film is one of the greatest Disney movies I have had the pleasure of watching and I would recommend it to everyone. It maintains the magic of the original and transcends its demographic and the expectations I had. I was entertained by every second, the re-imagining of this classic; in my opinion has made its own distinct mark in the cinema industry and is a classic in its own right. The picture manages to  visually satisfy and evoke each emotion; while the uncanny musical score, assist in connecting the audience with the intricate plot and cunning protagonist in this cinematic pleasure and adventure.

Before I discuss my views on the plot and cast, I have to address the visual perfection this motion picture delivers. The animals look so realistic, even while they speak, you will actually leave the theater and start a full blown conversation with your pet or any animal you encounter. This capture the essence of the heart of the jungle and is truly a masterpiece. But enough about how gorgeous it looks, I was in awe of how great the story was conveyed; my hat goes off to Jon Favreau, he truly is a talented director with great vision. Justin Marks created a screenplay that did Rudyard Kipling‘s story justice. Each sequence just flows so perfectly into the next; it had me at the edge of my seat, even knowing more less what was going to transpire. There were no plot holes everything was explained in detail, and all the elements within the story come full circle. The actor who played the cunning Mowgli, Neel Sethi is a top notch thespian,really he acted his glutes off, and the majority of his scenes I assume were done all by his lonesome. Which shows he possesses an acting prowess  at such a young age, he made everything way more believable and delivered a performance most grown actors haven’t even been able to achieve in their entire career. He truly made the movie unique and I anticipate seeing this kid in future films, he is already signed on to the sequel I believe. Each actor who lent their voices to these animals were phenomenal, Ben Kingsley captures that serious mentor demeanor Bagheera is known for; while Bill Murray brings the fun loving Baloo to life, implementing that bare necessity lifestyle. Giancarlo Esposito as Akela is a respectable, firm and just alpha wolf, making you hate Shere Kahn for what he does. Mowgli’s mom Raksha (Lupita Nyong’o) makes you feel that genuine love mothers have for their children and the wolves made me want to be part of the pack awooo!!!
Idris Elba plays Shere Kahn perfectly, he literally gave me chills; his voice adds so much power to this film’s despicable, intimidating and conniving antagonist. Christopher Walken makes King Louie into a mafioso and a scary Godfather like villain, leave it to him to do such a thing. To be honest I actually appreciated his interpretation, for a moment I believed he wasn’t going to sing my favorite song from the original. It was a little less jazzy but was still enjoyable. Scarlett Johansson portrayal of Kaa was as eerie as the part of the jungle she resided in, she gave me the heebie jeebies.
I can’t find any flaws in the movie, even if I attempt to nitpick. This is a film you can and should take your children to see in theaters. I guarantee you will even enjoy the film by yourself, it is designed for the entertainment of all ages and as I stated earlier transcends it’s target demographic making it universally entertaining. It is the best movie I have seen so far this year.



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