Who Did Negan Kill on the Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was undoubtedly a cliffhanger and a nail bitter. The episode was outstanding, I was at the edge of my seat until the point Chapter 83; in my favorite program ultimately climaxed and left us W-Dead heads at the precipice of finally knowing the answer to the season long alluded question, “Who from Rick’s group would be killed off ?”. Everyone had their predictions, we even almost thought Glenn was dead earlier on in the season. I began to suspect Daryl,  because of his popularity among the faithfully viewers. Then I thought, they were just going to go with the obvious Glenn; because we had already accepted it and it’s what happens in the pages of the comic books. The final episode; cancels out the chances of it being Carol or Morgan, since they are out having their ebony and ivory escapade, encountering the Knights from Kingdom. They are going to restart humanity with a whole batch of biracial babies.

Negan was finally introduced, and I must say he is that type a bad guy you don’t necessarily like per se, but you are intrigued by his charismatic persona and a domineering presence. He makes you say, “damn, that dude is a bad to the bone”. Jeffrey Dean Morgan proves that he truly was a perfect casting choice, he is superb and holds a charming camera presence. Though you can tell he is vile; you can’t take your eyes off the screen, his performance demands your attention. I watched every theory on Youtube, and gathered every tangible clue and logically sound evidence that each theory shared. Theories that were designed to prove their respective character predictions, only further confirmed the person who was killed by Lucille. Every single one of these theories truths; point to this one individual.

Here is a list of proof, to my conclusion to the answer of the question, “Who did Negan kill on the Walking Dead Season 6 Finale?”.

The possible victims: Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Aaron, Eugene, Carl . I began an elimination process to narrow down the possibilities; based on the evidence.

  1. Has to be a person that would make sense to the collective story of Season 6, it has to justify us waiting this long. So that even though they made us wait; it will still effect us emotionally.Character has to be a very important character, a character that will have a big impact. A person that will devastate the group and the fans equally. (Eliminating Eugen, Aaron and Rosita)
  2. The camera angle from when in the first person perspective; indicates the person was one of the group members who were not crouched over. You would see more of the RV if so, this mean the person was kneeling but upright. (Eliminating Daryl and Maggie)


  3. The victim is positioned on the right hand side. (Eliminating Sasha and Carl)
  4. The person has to be coming from the van, since the earlier first person shots were from a person in the van.(Eliminating Abraham and Rick.)
  5. The person also shifts their focus according to which direction Negan is walking from when the bat gets pointed at them in first person. Which means this person has people to their left and some to the right of them. (Eliminating Glenn)the-walking-dead-spoilers-video-theory-negan-kills-season-7-glenn-daryl-rick-carl-death

Other evidence:

  1. Negan says “If anyone moves take out the boys other eye and feed it to his father” So that not even Rick could get out of line.
  2. Negan says ” now you can breath, while looking to the right, talking to Glenn. Telling him it’s okay i’m not going to kill your wife, you can breath now.
  3. Negan says ” You can blink, while looking to his right speaking to Abraham who hasn’t averted his gaze or blinked. Telling Abraham you don’t have to act so tough anymore, you can blink
  4. Negan says “Taking it like a champ”. Only 5 people in the group would be able to do that.
  5. Showrunner Scott Gimple once said the Eenie Meenie Minnie Mo scene was meant to be impressionistic, he never claimed there were no hints and you could never figure it out as I’ve heard some say. He and Robert Kirkman( the Stan Lee of the Walking Dead) said the finale did have clues surrounding the identity of Negan’s victim – and nothing would make sense more than opening and closing the episode from the same character’s point of view. That they intended to throw people off with the eenie meenie miney mo sequence.
  6. This  Lucille victim is in the back of the van. This would limit the list down  to Daryl (Norman Reedus), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and im not even going to add Rosita because that is not going to devastate the fans or the group collectively. We see Daryl’s head in one of the shots, so he is safe.
  7. Glenn has no one to the left of and is way to obvious a choice. Plus he is kneeling and looking at Maggie the entire time, his POV would have shown that.
  8. Robert Kirkman once mentioned Michonne as one of his favorite characters of the entire TV series.


This leaves the only important character who would have the biggest impact. A person that makes sense and justifies the story told in Season 6. The person not kneeling in a crouched position, the person on the right hand side who can shift their focus from left to right, that came out the van. It breaks my heart into a million pieces as I accept that Negan killed Michonne.



I saw one video that just made complete sense, and after I watched any other theory the evidence provided just kept pointing right back to Michonne. This will hurt but if I have  to let her go like this;it makes sense of everything they did with Season 6.

But wait wouldn’t Rick go crazy?, Not if  he was threatened with being feed his son’s last eye.

Doesn’t Michonne hook up with Ezekiel from the Kingdom and become its leader? Then why have her start a relationship with Rick, that makes no sense. Carol is going to end up taking that story line instead, since she already is going to meet him first. I can see Rick appointing Carol as the leader of Kingdom in the future.

Here is that video, but be warned once you watch it, no one will be able to convince you that it ain’t her. Or maybe your stubborn and don’t understand how stories are written, the concepts of foreshadowing earlier on in the Story Arc.  This is the reason I believe the writers made Rick and Michonne a couple. I will miss you Michonne. These are the clues Scott Gimple was talking about. Michonne is like the Mother of the group, which is why every will be impacted. She is one of my favorites, it will hurt me to see her go. One more thing before I finish, if you want to make a statement, you want the leader to get in line and follow your rules; you take his right hand, his queen, his second in command.



I hope this is all wrong, with every ounce of my fiber I hope it is not her. This picture shows why she is the best. The creators of the show can do something totally different but for Season 6 to come full circle it is the most logical and tragic thing they can do. This is the only death I would cry for, with no shame.


Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert!!!!!!

None of this matters though because I just found out from the Spoiling Dead she is still alive, which is a relief. I was hustled out of 20 dollars, maybe I should have checked their page before I made that bet. I over analyzed and didn’t see the simple and obvious choice, Glenn then Abraham.




All images are copyrights of AMC and THe Walking Dead.




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