The Top Ten Movie Bad Guys You Can’t Help But Like


On some occasions bad guys are so charming, so cool, have this allure that you are unable to resist liking them. They get on the screen and captivate you, these characters steal the show; they are also pivotal to the plot of the story. They have people willing to follow them to the ends of earth; due to the intense influence and immense intrigue they possess. These villains will kill or harm you for their own egotistical gain, but somehow they are able to gain a sense of admiration from everyone. They have a justifiable reason for their evil actions,some of which are debatable, but at the end of the day these individuals can’t be trusted. I have compiled a list of said villains, each of which are opinion based. Maybe you will disagree with an individual on this list, you might even have your own suggestions; feel free to leave a comment.



 Honorable Mentions



Calvin Candie played by Leonardo Dicaprio in DJango Unchained
Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Beetlejuice played by Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice
Dr. Evil played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers Movies







The Riddler played by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever





















Now onto the what I consider “The Top Ten Movie Bad Guys You Can’t Help But Like”.


Al Pacino in Scarface

He is the only member of the list that was protagonist of  his film.  If you don’t know Tony than I suggest you vacate that rock you been residing under and do yourself a favor and go watch Scarface. People have actually emulated their lifestyles after this smooth, smart mouthed,  very hot headed drug lord. People see him as a role model, stating even though he was a Bad Guy who committed homicide with no remorse and sold and consumed narcotics; he refused to harm the innocent,especially children. I can see the nobility in that moral code of conduct. I understand why people would admire him and not consider him a villain; hopefully they don’t go around having weird unhealthy obsessions with their sisters, or go murdering their best friends in a jealous coked up rage. This is Al Pacino’s greatest  performance among the illustrious characters he has brought to life.


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Ralph Fiennes in Harry Potter series

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” , was truly a villain to fear; a “Dark Lord” indeed. He struck fear into the Members of the Ministry of Magic as well as the staff and students of Hogwarts. His influence over nearly everyone in the story is immense. Though young to both film and literature  he has cemented himself as one of the baddest and most memorable of the bad guys to feature in cinema. It’s all thanks to Ralph Fiennes, who played a perfect antagonist to the Harry Potter Saga. I don’t think anyone could have done an as majestic and fluent portrayal. The character possesses a finesse and eloquence to him, that captures your admiration at times. Rowling described Tom Riddle as a”raging psychopath, devoid of the normal human responses to other people’s suffering”. Ralph was able to translate that, as well as Voldermort’s racist arrogance and the essence of an, in a quest for immortality due to his pathological fear of death villain archetype.



Christopher Watlz in Inglorious Bastards

I remember trying to watch this movie with my father, since it didn’t start off with an action sequence and was spoken in a different language  he left the living room criticizing it. Hey but what does he know his favorite movie is UnderSeige. Anyways, I continued to watch Christopher’s performance in that opening scene, it consisted of a persuasive charismatic sarcasm and intimidating yet intriguing malice. Who is this renown and feared Jew Hunter, I asked myself.  I was hooked and became invested in seeing the film in it’s entirety. The Colonel was dastardly wicked, witty and had a very superior intellect. This Tarantino antagonist was a key component in making this movie one of my faves. Ironically in real life, Christopher Waltz “The Jew Hunter”of Inglorious Bastards, has a son who is a rabbi.


P22 Pop Art Stencil Font Test Drive


John Malkovich in Con Air

Cyrus is a psychotic, very meticulous, highly dangerous, tactical and intelligent inmate; aboard a plane named The Jailbird; transporting several high profile criminals. He is a mastermind, he orchestrates and succeeds in  a plan to commandeer the “Jailbird”. He has some morality telling Johnny 23, that he detest rapist, stating they are “somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you’re really thirsty”. Still this guy wont hesitate to kill for any reason and he would discriminate among gender or age. He has numerous convictions, including kidnapping, robbery, murder, and extortion. He adds to that list killing a few more people in the movie. Their is a part were he flicks a cigarette and and ignites the gasoline surrounding the unfortunate victim who was consumed by an explosion .



John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in Face Off

Castor Troy is a flashy, womanizing, drug using terrorist who has an extreme detest for the protagonist Sean Archer. He even accidentally shots and kills Archer’s son, when attempting to murder the veteran FBI agent. To watch how these guys made you actually believe they had surgically exchanged faces; was a pleasure. Castor is so suave so intelligent and witty; when either actor plays him, he has a demanding presence and alluring persona. I love the part when Travolta first plays Castor and walks into the cell where Cage now Sean Archer is located and says “Oooooo-WEE, you’re good lookin’! Ya hot!”. I want those two gold titanium nitride plated Springfield Armory M1911-A1 V-10s fitted with custom gold inlaid grips, he was wielding.




Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki has that majestic and deceptive guile that a true God of Mischief should have. He by far is the best villain to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom brought an essence of confidence and grace to the role; that border lined arrogance but leaned more towards true conviction of his potential. He actually is the catalyst that unified earth’s mightiest heroes to form the Avengers. Loki does dastardly things but does them with such an eloquent style. He actions always have an ulterior motive for his personal gain, hell do good when he can benefit from it.  He just has that je ne sais quoi, that makes him so entertaining to watch, he stole many a scene in both of the Thor movies. He is the only villain so far to have a pivotal role in more than one Marvel movie.






Michael Fassebender and Ian Mckellen in The X-Men Cinematic Universe

Magneto is the Notorious protector of his fellow mutants. His distrust and disdain for humanity has caused him to commit many heinous acts. His confidence in himself is very inspiring, you can’t help but love this character. Both the old version played by Ian and the younger version played by Michael take command of your attention when on screen. Both possess a Shakespearean like demeanor, I favor the younger incarnation better but the elder Magneto brings just as much of a captivating manner of being to the role. The two display that confidence and assertiveness that Erick has had in the source material. They also accomplish displaying the complexity of the Master of Magnetism’s morality. Needless to say Magneto’s powers and the manner in which he manifest his abilities are phenomenal. He is also very well spoken and extremely persuasive with his speeches.


DS Weiss-Gotisch Regular


Denzel Washington in Training Day

Denzel has always been a superb actor. He has so many roles where he performed with such caliber, it was baffling that he hadn’t received an Oscar. Well that was until he dawned the mask of Alonzo Harris. His level of cool in this film is off the charts; regardless of the heartless, conniving acts he had done. I don’t usually root for corrupt cops, who display signs of a narcissistic nature; who are deceptive and not have a shred of compassion; but Alonzo is the exception. He has no fear, that sense of confidence is truly intoxicating; you cant help but be consumed by it. His combination of elegance and sex appeal make men want to be him; makes woman want to be with him. You couldn’t definetly learn a whole lot from this guy “so keep your mouth shut and your eyes open”.


Kevin Spacey in Seven

Before there ever was a Jigsaw playing murderous games with guilty sinners, there was John Doe. This maniacal mastermind was definitely a patron of demonic acts. He believed he had a righteous cause as most villains do, with the only difference between him and them, being he thought he was actually doing God’s work. John is calm, cool and collective especially in the manner of which he speaks and writes.The way he orchestrated his murders using the cardinal sins as themes, was pure genius. His cunning intelligence and irrefutable fearlessness makes him unique among villains. Kevin Spacey in my eyes can sell just about anything with his acting prowess. If anyone else played him I can say with certainty, he wouldn’t have had a similar impact to the plot as Kevin did.

You { Murderer }.
You { Murderer }



Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight Rises

When I first heard Heath would be the Joker in Nolan’s Batman, I was confused and very skeptical. None the less as a Batman enthusiast; I knew I was going to watch his performance. Just as everyone else I was intrigued on how well he had taken this character and innovated it. He displays an inspiring fearlessness and a very superior intellect with an unparalleled tactical genius. The Joker is as he says ahead of the curve, he almost makes you want to become a psychopathic clown . Heath has cemented this role as one of the most memorable characters in all of film. He is the reason why Dark Knight is critically acclaimed.This Agent of chaos will never be replicated, it is unfortunate Heath had died before being able to make sequels. Joker is an icon in literature and Heath’s interpretation was just as iconic, his dedication to the transformation literally cost him his life. He has coined several phrases that fans of the film love to quote.


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