Captain America Civil War Review


Rating: 9.8

Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!!! You have been warned.

Captain America: Civil War

2016 ‧ Fantasy/Science fiction film ‧ 2h 27m


Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.


Release date: May 6, 2016 (USA)
Directors: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Adapted from: Civil War
Box office: 366.5 million USD
Producer: Kevin Feige

Before I go into my review, I would like to address something. The original story arc of Civil War from the comics, is far off from the live action adaption currently in theaters near you. Several people went to their cinematic providers with the expectation of seeing elements from the comics. As we have witnessed in all other Marvel films, this cinematic universe is leagues apart from the original source material. I always watch these films with that notion, as well as the knowledge that Marvel Studios doesn’t have all the rights to their comic book character roster, so some stories have to be reinvented entirely. This is a promotional poster from the Civil War comic event, Marvel Studios doesn’t have the rights to Wolverine or the Fantastic Four; who each played pivotal roles to that story line.

Copyright of Marvel Comics

That being said in order to appease some of the fans and not disappoint a few of them, maybe this third installment should have been titled “Captain America and the Secret Avengers”. However, I understood the meaning of them using the title Civil War, though it was nothing like the comics. Just so you know before we carry on, my answer to Whose side are you on?, if isn’t more than obvious I am Team Cap.



Now on to my review, this film was spectacular ; it puts the marvel in marvelous. The Russo brothers possess a level of story telling that some directors  wish and dream they could have. I loved every single moment, not once was I left confused wondering, who?, why?, what? or how?, like I was for Dawn of Justice. Marvel and the Russos have done it again my friend, they have accomplished commencing Phase 3 of the MCU with an illustrious bang. I was enamored by the way they transitioned from sequence to sequence, with astounding grace. It has an impeccable combination of unique visually gratifying action sequences and an intriguing plot that has you invested through the entire duration. Every element placed in the film had meaning, every event had it’s reason, there was no fluff, no filler scenes. It is my favorite movie of 2016, I would pay 7 dollars each week just to see it again and again.

The altercation between The New Avengers and Rumlov and his men, at the beginning of the film; is an intense start, with various displays of each Avengers talents and abilities. As a matter of fact, throughout the entire movie the heroes showcase their abilities astonishingly. The ramifications due to casualties of the Crossbones confrontation, “the Sovia Accords”, is the perfect catalyst for the entire story that will transpire throughout phase 3. This eccentric story; which caused separate Avenger teams, as well as created a plausible reason why Spiderman, Antman and Black Panther become associated with the Avengers; is the creme de la creme of cinema. It tremendously succeeded were Batman and Superman failed. Every single subplot was interwoven immaculately with the central story taking place. It gave us a legitimate reason for the quarrel between superheroes, as well delivered a villain who was maniacally pulling the strings the whole time.


Though my expectations of some heroes being killed off were not met, I was reimbursed with the satisfaction of a glorious plot and uncanny character development. Steve Rodgers’  caliber of a hero truly is virtuous, he shows you how following rules and regulation don’t necessarily make you a good person; and sometimes actually, it isn’t the righteous thing to do. Chris Evans is growing to be one of my favorite theatrical artist, he delivers another work of art, exceptionally conveying Capt. Rodgers nobility. His rival and enforcer of the Accords, Robert Downey Jr perfectly reflects the personality of Tony Stark from the comics, as he has always done. He makes you feel that he solely attempting to redeem himself; trying to wash his hands of the blood he has caused. Even though I could understand his view, I couldn’t stand Iron Man’s face during the Civil War comic event. Robert was able to evoke the same emotions, so two thumbs up to the Downey Jr’s performance. Sebastian Stan’s interpretation of the Winter soldier is my favorite performance of the film; he is able to switch from Bucky Barnes hero, to Winter Soldier relentless killer with no remorse authentically. After he is framed by the main antagonist, Baron Zemo, for bombing the UN, he is found and chased by the police. As Bucky in that instant, he is a highly efficient warrior but shows some restraint. Then after being reactivated into his brainwashed state by Zemo, he becomes a dark, emotionless and highly unstoppable.Anthony Mackie is truly witty and has developed into a pivotal member of the group and cast. He is simply an interesting character in general. I love his one liners and the new upgrades to the his suit are incredibly cool. After watching both Cap’s sidekicks in action, I can surely guarantee either one of them, could take up the mantle of Captain America if needed. I also loved the dynamic of the subtle rivalry between Bucky and Falcon.


Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman not only established their respective roles convincingly, they delivered a show stealing performance, while simultaneously complementing the veteran members of the MCU. The chemistry of the older and sophmore MCU ensemble is precise it’s harmonious, it’s genuinely great and Tom and Chadwick along with Paul; have fit right in.  I am invested in watching their solo adventures, both were intelligent casting choices. Marvel is great at casting, that’s what I believe contributes most to their success, they always get the right person.I wonder who will Carol Danvers be played by. The very gorgeous Emily Vancamp who does a solid job of portraying Sharon Carter, is the perfect love interest for the protagonist, I’m glad to finally see that relationship transpire; her eulogy at her Aunt Peggy Carter’s funeral was inspiring. Scarlett Johansson continues to prove why Black Widow would find success in a solo movie. I appreciated how they used her as the defector of the Civil War between heroes; instead of Spiderman because it made much more sense to the narrative. I have developed a huge crush on Elizabeth Olsen, the Sokovian accent she uses in the film makes her even more enticing. She is truly the heaviest hitter, luckily for Iron Man’s side she held back. I’m extremely enthusiastic to see where they will be taking the Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship, which was commencing to be embraced in the final part of Captain America’s trilogy. The two thespians portraying them are settling into the roles with beyond sufficient gusto. Paul Bettany’s transition from Jarvis to Vision was a great decision on the studios part, he is fitting the role perfectly. Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine, has always brought this intoxicating charisma to each role and movie he has has been, even if it isn’t so substantial he makes an impact. He truly is a pleasurable addition to the Avengers family, he continues to make you forget that Terrance Howard even played Rhodey in part one of Iron Man. Though neither was in the film for a substantial amount of the movie, both Hawkeye and Antman proved their importance. Jeremy Renner’s charm as Clint has not faded,  his arrow game is still strong. Paul Rudd always manages to create genuine laughter, his punchlines are impeccable. I loved the addition of his suit’s growing technology,it was visually appeasing and was a very effective diversion,they saved it for the right moment in the story. I always say a movie has to have a captivating villain or villains; for it to be a success, someone’s motives you can understand, someone’s methods you kind of admire. Daniel Bruhl is able to uphold these sentiments, I’m pretty sure he has gained himself a ticket to other Marvel films in the future maybe even the Black Panther solo film. Even though he was nothing like the comics, nor was the main focus of the film, his contribution was classic. William Hurt continues to perfect that corrupt government official with an obsession for conflict with heroes, Thunderbolt Ross is definitely a power hungry individual both in comics and in Marvel Studios and William’s hands. He wants the Avengers as his soldiers and weapons, and has much influence within the government . His envy and thirst for power might very well get us to see the Red Hulk.


In closing, this film is the perfect start for Phase 3, it is an incredible sequel to the other two previous Captain America movies. It contains everything we need in a movie, it has an intriguingly intense plot, it’s action sequences are aesthetically uncanny, every single one of the characters are intriguing and entertaining, the one liners are marvelous and genuinely hilarious, even-though there were no deaths the story had permanent and serious ramifications. The film proves the superhero genre isn’t dead,that it isn’t dying, it is alive and well and will be for a very long time.



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