Another Human Torch Joins The MCU



After the character’s illustrious debut in the first 2016 summer blockbuster hit, Captain America: Civil War; Black Panther’s Solo film is gaining a plethora of momentum. The character doesn’t require an origins story, because frankly that would be an unnecessary waist of studio time. We already aware that T’Challa; now king of Wakanda is also its’ Black Panther. The Black Panther is the protector of Wakanda, a mantle held by the fiercest of warriors; that has been passed down from generation to generation. Chadwick Boseman accomplished bringing every aspect of this warrior king to life, the demeanor, the accent, the intelligence and his un-relentlessness conviction.

The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that Michael B. Jordan will be joining the cast, possibly as the film’s main antagonist. Michael B. has proven not only his star power, but his acting ability with the movie Creed. He most likely will play White Wolf, Black Panther’s jealous adopted brother, but that’s already been done in Thor, so we will have to wait and see. However he is a great addition to Marvel, I believe Jordan and Boseman will continue to generate that spectacular MCU chemistry and create great scenes together. Especially since Michael has already proven his efficiency with the man who will direct the film; Ryan Coogler. Ryan, who is directed the critically acclaimed Creed, is also co-writing the screenplay. Also 12 Years a Slave, Star Wars and Jungle Book star, Lupita Nyong’o is rumored to have a role in the film as T’Challa’s love interest, how interesting.

Though the plot for Black Panther has not been fully established, T’Challa’s story has been developed for some time now in the MCU. The metal known as vibrainuim is native to Wakanda, the metal was first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger, when Howard Stark manufactured it into a shield , specifically designed for Steve Rodgers. Then in Age of Ultron, vibrainuim was a key plot device, the Country Wakanda was formally introduced by name. The film also introduced Ulysses Klaw, portrayed by Andy Serkis, the villain is responsible for the death of T’Challa’s father in the comics. He is one of, if not the main arch nemesis of the Black Panther. Helmut Zero however (also a thorn in T’Challa’s side) took over the responsibility of murdering T’Chaka, so the question is how will Klaw factor in the Black Panther story, that’s if he even will feature in the solo film. Ultron did sever Ulysses’s left hand and forearm, that was definite foreshadow for the character’s prosthetic sound converter and source of power.

Also we might even get to see Captain Steve Rodgers, Buck Barnes and the Secret Avengers (Team Cap), since the mid credit scenes showed Rodgers and Barnes with T’Challa in Wakanda. Plus it’s a pretty safe assumption due to the fact that Captain America and Black Panther have been allies on more than one occasion. Black Panther was even on Steve’s side in the comics, during Civil War. Although Kevin Feige announced the Black Panther cast will predominately feature African or African-American actors, Cap and his Avengers might very well show up. Whatever transpires I wait with enthusiasm to witness what direction this film will take place in the MCU’s Phase 3. Until then you can see the Black Panther unleash his claws in Captain America: Civil War currently in a theater near you.


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