Who Will Be The New Captain America?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has just begun its third phase. After the culmination of Captain America: Civil War, the dynamic between earth’s mightiest heroes has forever changed. A fraction of the team(three members to be exact) now work for the government under the supervision of Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross, while the remaining Avengers are now branded as fugitives. The most important change that comes though, is for the protagonist of the film Steve Rodgers.  At the end of the film we see Iron Man tell Rodgers that the shield doesn’t belong to him, Stark states that his father made that shield, that he doesn’t deserve it. This prompts Steve to drop the shield and leave it behind with a battered and beaten Tony in defeat both physically and morally. I instantly thought did he just resign from being Captain America as well. Anthony Russo in interview with Empire elaborated on that scene and just as it seemed, Steve has surrendered the shield and the mantle of Captain America.

Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity and a choice to embrace the Steve Rogers identity

In the comics Steve recently passed the role of Captain America to his good friend and long time ally Sam Wilson aka Falcon. This is not the only time Steve has given up or been striped of the mantle of Captain America though, it has happened on several occasions.

There has been several incarnations of Captain America:

Isaiah Bradley   308963-159246-isaiah-bradley

In the 2003 limited series Truth: Red, White & Black, there was a World War II Super Soldier program that took place in 1942. In an attempt to re-create the formula that had been used to turn Steve Rogers into Captain America, the government  used African American test subjects. This clandestine experimentation was very similar to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Dubbed the “Black Captain America”, Isaiah Bradley became an underground legend among much of the African-American heroes and citizens in the Marvel Universe.

William Nasland

William Nasland was a hero who went by the name of The Spirit of 76; part of a superhero team called The Crusaders. When Steven Rogers was presumed dead,  U.S. President Harry S. Truman, appointed William as the new Captain America. He is the official second Captain America. He dies by being squashed by a robot, while trying to warn The All Winner’s Squad of the villain Adam II’s attempt to assassinate JFK in Boston.

Jeffrey Mace


Jeffrey was formally a news reporter inspired by Steve Rodgers to become the superhero The Patriot.Following the death of William Nasland, and successfully protecting JFK; Jeffrey Mace assumes the identity of Captain America.

William Burnside

After Jeffrey Mace’s retirement, a college professor obsessed with Captain America; named William Burnside assumes the identity of Captain America. Along with his version of Bucky, he battled communism throughout the 1950s. He also became a super soldier,however he used a flawed Nazi copy of Project Rebirth. As a result, he developed a violent paranoia and ended up being arrested and put into suspended animation.

Bob Russo


Bob Russo wore the star-spangled costume, after Steven Rogers had abandoned the Captain America identity. He quit right after he injured his arm on his first outing; slamming into a wall.

“Scar” Turpin


After Russo Scar Turpin was another individual who wore the star-spangled costume for a single fight. He abandoned the role after a severe beat down from a street gang called the Road Runners.

Roscoe Simons

Simons became Captain America during the time Steven Rogers used the new costumed identity of Nomad.  He was personally given the shield by Rogers himself and he became junior partner to Falcon. He was later killed by the original Red Skull.

John Walker

After being honorable discharged from the army, John is given powers by a man called the Power Broker, he joins the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, (a wrestling organization of super powered individuals). He is then persuaded to become the super hero, The Super-Patriot.Steven Rogers gets stripped of his role as Captain America by the U.S. Government, John Walker, formerly the Super-Patriot, is then appointed the new Captain America. Walker later becomes the US Agent, not as famous as Steve but he is very active, and key component to several story arcs; in the comic book Marvel Universe.

Sam Wilson 

The superhero and longtime friend and ally of Steve Rodgers, Falcon, briefly assumed the mantle of Captain America early in his career. He currently became Captain America again; after Rogers lost his Super Soldier enhancements.

James Buchanan Barnes


Following the death of Steve Rogers in the comic book version of Civil War, James Buchanan Barnes, former sidekick to the original Captain America, assumes the mantle of his mentor and best friend.

Dave Rickford


Dave is a former special forces soldier who receives augmentation from Dr. Malus and The Power Broker. He decides to take up the mantle of Captain America after Bucky’s legal trouble and Steve Rogers becomes the head of SHIELD. A.I.M. kidnaps him, he is then saved by Rogers who convinces him it’s too dangerous of a job. He gives the shield back to Steve, who once again becomes Captain America.



My Guess




Maybe the government of the MCU wont replace him, maybe they will, it would make sense for them to do so. The question on my mind is who would they pick. They obviously can’t select Falcon or Bucky, since both are fugitives.If I had to guess, the most logical choice would have to be John Walker The US Agent. The MCU used Scott Lang as their Ant Man and went with the more current team of The Guardians of The Galaxy, so the US Agent showing up as the new Cap isn’t so far fetched. US Agent is one of my favorite Marvel characters and has featured in nearly every mainstream crossover event, he was once even leader of the Avengers.Will Steve Rodger become Nomad or will he just be Capt. Rodgers? Will there even be a new Captain America, if so who will it be?  We will have to wait and see, if they do decide to do so, I believe John Walker The US Agent would be a great addition to the MCU. If you haven’t yet go treat yourself to Captain America: Civil War now in theaters.


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