Clown Frenzy May Cause Marshall Law

Message to the clowns from Batman

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It’s About to go Clown!!!

Clowns have been creeping us out for centuries and while researching the internet, I found out that these clown sightings aren’t a new thing. “Phantom Clowns” Have Been Terrorizing The U.S. Since 1981 and probably even longer than that. Add that to the correlation between clowns and  psychopathic behavior caused by the serial killer/clown John Wayne Gacy  aka “Pogo The Clown”, and you have a coulrophobia epidemic. Not to mention the countless fictional portrayals of evil murderous clowns, who have assisted in fueling the fire to this phobia.

If Fictional Clowns Were Real


Imagine if the Joker were real, you wouldn’t like him very much and he would scare you shitless. Please before your dumbass says, nah I would still like him, be realistic because I am a Joker fan but know that would not translate over into this reality. He would strike fear into even the bravest of individuals. The Clown Prince of Crime is the most feared entity in all of the DC Universe, even in a world with demons and monsters who can obliterate you with a single blow. In the Arkham Knight video game, when Batman is sprayed with Scarecrow’s fear toxin; Batman ends up seeing the Joker. Also there was one crossover story where Trickster remarked “When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.”

Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King’s 1990 movie “It,” may be the scariest movie clown of all time. They are currently remaking that movie, which I’m not interested in seeing at all, I hate that bozo. This guy freaks me out the most especially in that Georgie scene. The “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988), had cool guns that turned people into cotton candy cocoons, but would not be the cool aliens like Paul. The scary clown doll under the bed in “Poltergeist” (1982), wouldn’t be a cool toy for children if it were possessed like in the movie. Crazy Joe Davola the Clown, Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 9 (1992), he knows how to fight on top of being a creep, he beat up three guys in a park, so he would be someone to fear. The zombie clown in “Zombieland” (2009), I don’t even need to convince any one how scary this clownbie would be. The murderous clown in “All Hallow’s Eve” (2013),his mixture of mime and clown appearance is extremely creepy.  Captain Spaulding in a  House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects , would freak out nearly anyone he would come in contact with.  Twisty  that jawless freak clown from America Horror Story; scares me maybe even more so than Pennywise. Watching him caused me to have nightmares for a few days, he is absolutely terrorfying. There are countless others who have contributed or reinforced this clown phobia, and they would not be praised by the general public. Trust me if any of these guys were real, only a sadistic human being would like them.

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Watch Mojo’s Top Ten Scariest Clowns

Smoke and Mirrors

Even me who has no fear of clowns is kind of getting the heebie jeebies. The ambiguity of their nature, the fact that you are unable to decipher their true identities and feelings, I must admit is a little scary.  So I’m not scared so much, I’m more alert and aware of their potential threat. There has been sightings in over ten states and even threats to kidnap children. Their have been reports of these clowns attempting to lure women and children into the woods.

Though we should be vigilante to this potential threat we should be focusing on how US and Russian relations have taking a possible turn for the very worst. It is very possible that  Cold War 2 may transpire, or this might even give birth to World War III. So I believe though we shouldn’t underestimate these makeup wearing douchebags; we have much bigger problems on the horizon. I have read  that there was a rumored $US500 million cyber arms heist, accusations of an attempt to manipulate a US presidential election which was supposedly perpetrated by Mother Russia. This increasingly menacing Cyber War being waged between Russia and the United States which can very well become an actual war, is what should worry us; not these Ronald McDonald and Mr. Sprinkles rejects.

Marshall Law?

Maybe these bozos are serving as a diversion to the real threat or maybe, just maybe it will play the role of catalyst to institute marshal law. Could you imagine if these clowns were the cause of one of the biggest massacres we have witnessed in the United States. This would then cause the government to declare marshall law, in attempt to find who were the perpetrators under the clown disguises. Or maybe all the clowns get murdered in an all out clown hunt reminiscent to the witch hunts of old. Which would in turn enforce the gun laws their are adamantly trying to implement, people would fight the government then Obama would declare marshall law. Let’s say that these payasos abduct children like they are threatening to do, these children go missing and in order to find them Obama has to shut shit down and declare marshall law. Elections are soon in this may be the only opportunity they can capitalize on.

Stay vigilant my friends Halloween might end up being the worst we have had in years. Wether it’s a hoax are not, just like I heard some states are doing, we should  ban clowns until we get everything sorted out. Innocent people might get hurt on both sides man and clown. You can check out a bunch of clown sightings at this link right here.


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