Brock Lesnar’s Foot Cream?


I just read that Nevada Athletic Commission might have to wait a little longer to resolve the Brock Lesnar doping case. Lesner’s lawyer Howard Jacob, who is also Jon Jones lawyer, requested a continuance for Mr. Suplex City’s NAC disciplinary hearing..

They will be having a foot cream, yes a foot cream he took so it can be tested to see if comes back for the banned substance he tested positive for, clomiphene. With the help of USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, they will test the foot cream at the WADA-accredited lab in Salt Lake City.

 Jacobs wrote that Lesnar also had an eye medication tested independently in an effort to find out what caused his positive test, but the eye medication came back negative for clomiphene. So the song and dance will continue Mark Hunt must be pissed Lesnar hasn’t been punished yet

The Beast Incarnate is also facing sanctions from USADA. He failed two drug tests in during his return at UFC 200 for clomiphene, which is an anti-estrogen agent.  Lesnar tested positive for the drug in both in-competition and out-of-competition tests, the latter coming before the fight. USADA was not able to get the results back before UFC 200 or maybe Dana didn’t want the results to mess up his paper-view, who knows.

Even though Lesnar beat Mark Hunt on the card by unanimous decision, the result could be overturned by the commission to a no contest. The NAC could also fine and suspend Lesnar, while USADA will likely only suspend him. Lesnar is facing a maximum of a one-year suspension from USADA, the NAC on the other hand can suspend him for more.

If Lesnar is granted the extension, he will not have to appear when the NAC holds its disciplinary hearing with Jon Jones on 10th of November. Jones also tested positive for clomiphene and Letrozol, both anti-estrogren agents, in an out-of-competition test before UFC 200 and was pulled from the card three days prior to what would have been a title fight with Daniel Cormier. He most likely used the same foot cream.

Also on the NAC agenda for Nov. 10 will most likely be the disciplinary hearing for Nate Diaz, who was involved in a Stockton water bottle-throwing incident with his team, Conor McGregor and his team at a press conference before UFC 202.


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