How To


I’ve learned a lot in the three decades I have roamed the earth. On this page you will find how to do the things I have learned to do. I will provide a step by step instructions for the process that any person can follow. So ,..(in my 90’s house music voice)follow me follow me yeah yeah… now let’s get to learning.

How To Create A Green Screen On A Budget

First things first you could find a green screen for pretty cheap on eBay or shopping online. I got a 10×20 for 39.99, there is plenty to choose from so search before you invest your time on the task of making one on your own.

Now if you are still interested in making your own here are the three main things you will have to focus on.

  1. Amount
  2. Color
  3. Fabric


The amount you use depends on the location you are planning to use and what’s in your budget plan. Some stores will be able to cater to your specific request for the amount of fabric you need. When I made my own I bought 4 yards by 5 feet, the store I found couldn’t really fulfill my needs, but I always make lemonade out of lemons.


I have read that any color will work just fine but its has to be uniform and distinct, don’t go with any color that can contain hues from human skin colors. For best quality you are going to want to go green, some would even say blue but stick to green. There is a reason it is called green screen. The specific green you want is something bright like a neon type green. I opted to go with a normal bright green, it worked sufficiently.


You going to want something that is not going to attract lint, or a fabric that is shiny. Also you want material that won’t wrinkly are crease to easily. I searched and found out that polyester and muslin fabrics are the logically sound choice. I went with polyester, it doesn’t wrinkle or leave crease marks so I suggest it for your home made green screen.